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WP forklift iş platforma əlavə

Type WP Work Platform

The type WP Work Platform has been designed for Forklift transport to safely carry out tasks of "sh ort duration" and "occasional usage" such as maintenanc e or stocktake.

Manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1, the type WP Work Platform is suitable for a maximum of two people.

*** The use of a Work Platform on a Forklift truck should not be considered if the capacity of that Forklift is less than 1825kg for a Counterbalanced type or 1095kg for a Straddle type Forklift.


· Safe Working Load (SWL) 250kg · Load Centre 600mm

· Unit Weight 115kg

· Pocket Size 160 x 65mm

· Cib Mərkəzləri 640 mm

· Horizontal C of G 550mm · Vertical C of G 600mm

· Terlik kilidləmə sancaqları ilə təchiz edilmişdir

Tez Məlumatlar

İstehsal yeri: Fujian, Çin (Mainland)
Brend Adı: HUAMAI
Model Number: WP
Product Name: Type WP forklift work platform attachment
Safe Working Load (SWL):250kg
Vahidin çəkisi: 150kq
Yük Mərkəzi: 600 mm
Pocket Size: 160 x 65mm
Cib mərkəzləri: 640mm
G üfüqi C: 600 mm
Şaquli C G: 600 mm

The WP-G Work Platform is designed for forklift use to safely carry out tasks of short duration and occasional usage, such as maintenance or stocktake. This safety cage is suitable for up to two people and is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1.

• Fully welded construction for heavy duty application
• Self-closing inward opening gate with bow latch
• Two floor mounted harness anchor points
• Supplied with fork locking pins to safely secure cage to foklift
• Galvanised finis for long life and corrosive environments


 Working Load Limit (WLL) 250kg
 Load Centre 600mm
 Vahid Çəki 115kg
 Çəngəl cib ölçüsü 160 x 65mm
 Fork Pocket Centres 640mm